A Mary Butts Exhibit

My Dear Douglas

My Dear Douglas is an experimental digital exhibit, and the remains of a performance, created and performed by an undergraduate English class between Thursday 20 October 2022 at 2pm, and 5pm that Christmas Eve. The sense of performance around Butts’s work (writing and life shaped by parties, jazz, dance, and ritual) guided this project. The exhibit, then, not only explores Butts’s letters through the lens of performance, the construction of the site was a performance itself – an enlivening of the digital spaces in front of viewers, who could watch space evolve and move, configured and reconfigured over a number of weeks. The current exhibit remains a work in progress. Parts of the performance are to be archived within the site, and a more permanent and polished digital exhibit fashioned from and around these performances remains.

Douglas Goldring and Mary Butts, 1920s