Thank you

The Mary Butts Letters Project has many people to thank.

  1. The Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) of Canada and the Faculty of Humanities at the University of Victoria for support and financial assistance.
  2. The Mary Butts Estate and McPherson & Company, whose kind support and permissions have helped make this book possible.
  3. The undergraduate and graduate students, and colleagues, who have helped transcribe Butts’s letters.
  4. The University libraries who have provided us with scans of the Mary Butts letters from their holdings.

Please also take a moment to read more about our Principal Investigator and project contributors.

Principal Investigator

Dr. Joel Hawkes

Joel Hawkes is Lecturer in English at the University of Victoria, Canada. He is editor of Mary Butts: Necessary Contradictions and Feminist Reconstructions (forthcoming from Bloomsbury) and has published a number of articles and book chapters about Mary Butts. He currently holds a SSHRC Insight Development Grant for The Mary Butts Letters Project.

Project Contributors

Dr. Graham Jensen

Website development, TEI-XML encoding, research data processing

Thomas Nienhuis

Transcription, proofing, editing, author

Dr. Amy Tang

Transcription, theory development

Dr. Tracey El Hajj


Hadley Parsons


Kara Hagedorn

Transcription, author

With thanks for support, work, and ideas from,

  • Margaret Cameron
  • Matthew Huculak
  • Heather Dean
  • Lytton McDonnell
  • Alexandra D’Arcy
  • Christine Walde.

With additional thanks to:

Undergraduate students who participated in the Letters Project in the classroom, working with the letters, contributing to a critical thinking through of these texts (2019, 2020 and 2022 classes of 20th-Century British Fiction to World War II at the University of Victoria):

Noah Brandon; Jessica Burdge; Skye Burns-Kirkness; Samantha Burt; Emily Coldwell; Alistair Corp; Katie Croudy; Reed Eckert; Vanessa Funk; Kelby Gee; Devan Gillard; Sean Godwin; James Green; Katie Hayward; Sarah Knight; Ariane Lecompte; Ella MacQueen-Denz; Aaron Mauger; Maria Fernanda Munoz y Martinez; Beth Nicholson; Sam Oosterman; Anika Pobuda; Maddy Robinson; Maria Ross; Ally Secco; Maya Smith; Marcus Tisot; Eleni Tsonis; Connor Baldwin; Sophie Beriault; Maddison Buckingham; Jeff Catchpole; Scarlett Du; Paige Guthrie; David Humphries; Madison James; John Kelly; Scott Matthews; Dylan Perry; Teresa Sammut; Sarah Spanier; Gillian Wiley; Jake Wilmott; Armstrong, Thomas; Cameron Bolduc; Taira Hunter; Eric Kwakernaak; Alex Lima; Anika Luteijn; Devon MacLean; Harleen Palmer; Isabelle Rakusan; Cian Shepherd; Keileigh Stander.

Project Partners